As with all other Celebrated Ceremonies, I deliver bespoke, meaningful services that honour you and your loved one. Whilst respect is duly given to a family’s mourning, there is an emphasis on celebrating a unique life. As an Independent Celebrant, my services are personal and uplifting.

Whilst I’ve conducted many services that are broadly Humanist in nature, I believe the customs and culture of the family concerned are paramount. Celebrated funeral ceremonies always respect the beliefs or faith of the deceased and their family- including rites and prayers of all Christian denominations and other world religions or totally non religious ceremonies. My Theology degree has been insightful in reflecting on the deceased’s own enlightened path- informing the choice of readings and committal words. I officiate over a bespoke ceremony- written to celebrate the life of the family member.

Even if the ceremony is non religious, the personalised service generally feels “spiritual”. It is a privilege to release some of the grief and promote joy in the heart of someone widowed as they share their fond memories and put their trust in a caring celebrant who can provide the most faithful send-off for their loved one. “Getting it right” visibly lifts a burden from the bereaved. Exiting from her husband’s funeral, one such spouse expressed to me, “Do you know, I don’t feel at all sad now!”


Celebrated Ceremonies incorporate new ecological locations and technologies such as Green Funerals, Barrows, Natural Burials, water “Resomations” or traditional Crematorium Services.

Jonathan is pleased to provide pet funerals too.

Photo by Jorge Barreto

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