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Celebrated Ceremonies are focussed on your dream day. Your special occasion must reflect the beliefs and customs you value. Jonathan is totally respectful of your outlook on life and will create a service of love and celebration that contains no religion- if that is your preference. He has written many Humanist ceremonies that focus on the worth of the person: our strengths, abilities and aspirations for living together and cherishing those closest to us- without reference to God.

Equally, Jonathan is adept at conducting weddings that incorporate people’s religious perspectives. He is experienced at bringing different faiths together such as a groom brought up in the Church of England marrying a Buddhist from Thailand. 

This fusion of philosophy and custom can actually provide for double the fun and meaning in such a ceremony.  A degree in Theology equips Jonathan with the knowledge and understanding of the major world faiths to facilitate this interfaith specialism. He is passionate about marrying couples from different backgrounds; they are elevated unions of bodies,

Although Celebrated Ceremonies is not affiliated to any particular religion, Jonathan is licensed to preside over services of Holy Communion. As an accredited lay preacher, he can devise any style of Christian based ceremony, should you desire.

In creating a ceremony especially for you, numerous customs are possible- including those that predate Christianity. For instance, the ancient tradition of hand-fasting is a popular facet of many marriages today. If you choose this, Jonathan will select cords that compliment your colour scheme; they are then yours as a keep-sake of your day.

Other customs that commemorate a couple’s union are Unity Candles, Scottish “Quaich” (Loving cup), Sand Ceremonies, Ring Warming, Gemstones, Medicine wheel, Pagan blessings, Jumping the broom, planting flowers or trees… etc.

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About Jonathan

Jonathan Dolling is dedicated to serving you, whatever the occasion. Celebrated Ceremonies has become his passion since qualifying as an Independent Celebrant in 2014.

He cares deeply about what matters to the people he works with, honouring ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. 

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