Photo by Terje Solie
Photo by Marta Branco

It’s my desire and privilege to create ceremonies that are exclusively written and delivered with you in mind.

During our life-time, there are various landmarks worthy of celebrating such as the birth of a child, coming of age and, of course, marriage. You deserve to have a caring, attentive professional dedicate their skills and expertise to design that fairytale beginning, providing memories for you and your loved ones to share forever.

Celebrated Ceremonies can be in any location- whether a natural, rural setting outdoors or inside a castle in stately splendour. The sky really is the limit!

Celebrated Ceremonies are tailored to your beliefs, culture and personal preferences. I will include whichever symbols, words and traditions you value.

These can be partly faith inspired such as a blessing or have no mention of religion at all. As a Member of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants, I am fully trained and accredited.

Together we can realise your unique vision and draw on any custom or content that would mean the world to you. As Shakespeare put it, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.” It would be an honour to listen to your dream and help it become a reality.

Celebrated Ceremonies are committed to equal opportunities. We literally take “pride” in the union of gay couples. Love has no boundaries; there are therefore no limits to what is legally possible.

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