Browse over 7,000 different military decal, military sticker, magnetic designs, and license plates – and we are adding new designs daily. In 1942 the two kinds of camouflage for Africa were replaced with camouflage of reddish brown on a dark yellow ground. As of April 2005, cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle on a military base is banned. Just go to thier web site to find it. Military Symbols. LAV-25 Light Armored Vehicle. I have it. 780 4. The vehicle operator is, however, able to use a hands-free device on some installations. The German Military Vehicles used in Africa wore uniform painting of dark yellow or sand yellow, camouflage of reddish brown on a dark yellow ground or camouflage of dark green on a german grey ground. Description of Colors. So if you want your Korean War Dodge M37 or M38A1 painted with an accurate color, you finally have a source that can meet your needs. b. Each military base has its own specific protocol for enforcing this rule and different consequences for violating it. There are a total of [ 48 ] Vietnam War Vehicles (1955-1975) entries in the Military Factory. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily primary operator. 37875-for vehicles painted olive drab or other dark color. They make a color just for US Modern vehicles Called OIF/OEF color. Post Sep 07, 2013 #3 2013-09-07T14:38. (2) Gloss black, Color Chip No. 6. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Jason West. AK OIF/OEF color. It's been suggested that FS34058 with a gloss finish, may be a good match. (1) Lusterless white, Color Chip No. 780 4. MyPerfectColor matches all Military Camouflage colors in spray paint, touch up paint, pints, gallons and more. These military camouflage colors are matched to the official United States government color standards. ... TRACKED VEHICLE (NO FRAME USED) LIGHT MG ON TRACKED VEHICLE (FRAME USED) MOBILITY INDICATORS ADRP 1-02 TANKS APC ARMORED FIGHTING VEHICLE LIGHT MEDIUM This color is available in enamel, both gallons and spray paint. a; Refer to AR 746-5, for color requirements for specific usages other than those listed herein. 17038-for vehicles painted yellow, white or other light color. Army Vehicles ... Buffalo Mine Protected Route Clearance Vehicle. • STANDARD ... •Use the correct colors and symbols. We offer the HIGHEST QUALITY vinyl decals/stickers, magnets and license plates on the Internet with sizing from 1 inch to 32 inches on most decals. 1-GP-12b: 3-212 1-GP-12c: 503-319 Hue: 50 Sat: 230 Lum: 31 Red: 49 Green: 65 Blue: 01 : Overall colour used on all non-combat CF vehicles, since unification, such as various utility vehicles. Jason West. David Klaus's IPMS Color Cross Reference Guide, puts FS34079 as a very close match. Military Vehicles Subcategories. This is the standard color all vehicles left the factory with from late 1950 through 1956. While it sprays very nicely, the color seems more like the color used in the first Gulf War- a darker, more brown color. Air Force Vehicles. The official regulations for unit identification markings on vehicles and equipment were specified in the publication AR 850-5.The regulations provide the basic structure of unit identification markings, however photographs show many units' vehicles were not strictly marked according to the regulations. Cougar 4x4 MRAP. Amphibious Vehicles. Military Camouflage ® Color Matched Paint.